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Custom Grain Drying

Milligan Bio offers a custom grain drying service, with a drying capacity of 5,000 bushels per day!  

Sometimes, harvest does not go as planned and crops are taken off at undesirable moisture levels or left in the field. Let Milligan Bio help maintain the quality of your grain and prolong its shelf life by drying it down to manageable levels.  

Did you know?

The storage time of grains varies depending on the moisture and temperature of the grain.


If storing canola longer than 5 months the moisture should be no higher than 8% with uniform temperatures of under 15°C. 


For prolonged pea storage, the moisture should be less than 14% moisture and be cooled to less than 15°C.


For long-term cereal storage, store at 14% the temperature should be 20°C or less. 

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(306) 272-6284 sales@milliganbio.com