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Diesel Fuel Conditioner (D.F.C)


Milligan Bio’s Diesel Fuel Conditioner (DFC) is a one-of-a-kind, highly effective treatment, that increases lubricity, cleans injectors, and improves fuel economy.
The federal government is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with ultra sulphur diesel in this process the sulphur content is reduced to 15 ppm. This reduction results in increased engine wear, harder starting of the engine, and increased emissions.

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  • Made from a renewable source & Environmentally Friendly.
  • Improved lubricity can bring up to a 10% increase in fuel economy.
  • Reduces friction caused by low sulfur diesel up to 40% reduction in engine wear.
  • Cleans injectors and improves starting.
  • Reduces smoke and emissions.
  • One of a kind canola-based additive.
  • Meets ultra low sulfur regulations.
  • DFC has a cetane number more than 10 points above diesel fuel.
  • Natural solvent properties aid in the removal of particulate that may be built up in the engine from the use of low sulphur fuels.
  • Performs as a stable equipment protector.
  • Add Milligan’s DFC to your diesel engine—Spend less money on maintenance and fuel—the result, less equipment downtime, and more money in your pocket!


*Please avoid long-term contact with rubber and painted surfaces* 

2023 Diesel Fuel Conditioner Spec Sheet

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